Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Sponsor Me

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For fifteen years, Nanowrimo has supported aspiring and veteran writers alike in telling their stories. But that's not all!

Nanowrimo is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose programs work to empower and encourage writing and creativity around the world. The Young Writers Program promotes writing fluency and creative education in more than 2,000 classrooms. The Come Write In program provides free resources to libraries, community centers, and local bookstores. Camp Nanowrimo is a semi-annual virtual writing retreat designed to provide the resources, tools, and community needed to complete any writing project, novel or not.

But they can't do it without us.

Nearly half of Nanowrimo's income comes from individual donations. They rely on our support to fund things such as web hosting costs, staffing and contractors, pep talks from published authors, and program resources. When you donate to Nanowrimo, you help transform people into creators who see new possibilities in the world—and act on them.

I have donated to Nanowrimo each year since 2010, and each month since last November. This year, I wanted to do more. So I am asking you to help me nurture noveling by sponsoring my fundraiser and donating to Nanowrimo today!

If you can't make a donation, you can help me reach my goal by sharing my fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter, and spreading the word to anyone you think might be interested in contributing.

Thanks so much for your generosity!


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